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The work we do

Solutions for business's and consumers

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    Mobile Development

    Ios & Andriod development using react native for quicker development and a mono code base for more efficient development time. An example of this is the joy recipe app.

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    Application Development

    Web Apps built with the latest technologys, focusing on design and speed for the best expierance an end user can have.

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    Landing Pages and Web Design

    Sleek, Modern web development to give your, company a landing page that brings in customers, focusing on SEO best practices for oppitmum search engine indexing. This allows you to gain an advantage over your competition by showing up higher when a potential customer searches for you.


How we change the game

Increase sales

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Unlimited growth

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Recommended by experts

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Modern platform

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What have we built so far?

Don’t just take our word for it — check our demo's to find out more.

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Peppermint Ticket Management

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Joy Recipe Management