Control your customer support

In a world of ever growing costs, Peppermint is here to help.

The core of your customer support

Don't let requests go unseen

A central location for your helpdesk Allowing you to have a complete picture of each customer, so you can offer the right support.


Hook up peppermint to third party services using webhooks and various third party providers alongside emails.

Email Fetching

Set up mailbox's to allow your customers to email you directly and have it automatically create a ticket

Single Sign On

Enable single sign on for all your users to allow for shared authentication via multiple providers.

Video Reviews

Some excellent videos that shows an overview of peppermint and its features.

Everything you need

Take back your control

Peppermint is a solution to the ever growing cost of todays corprate world. Think of us as the costco of helpdesk software. In a world of ever growing costs, Peppermint is here to help.

Peppermint can be hosted anywhere and all of its core features available without the need to access the internet.
Data Ownership
Peppermint never transfers any customer app data to its servers. All data is stored locally on your server.
Peppermint is built to be lightweight and fast, allowing it to run on low end hardware and low usage. Reduce cost by hosting on a low end VPS or even a raspberry pi.
Customer First
Peppermint is developed with the customer in mind. Allowing us to offer the best features possible by listening to what our customers need.

Our mission

Peppermint sets out to bridge the gap between features and cost. t, Peppermint seeks to offer a robust and comprehensive array of tools, functionalities, and user experiences without burdening users with exorbitant expenses.

The project's ethos lies in empowering users by providing a platform that doesn't compromise on quality and usability while maintaining a reasonable cost structure. This approach fosters inclusivity, allowing individuals and organizations with varying budgetary constraints to benefit from a feature-rich software solution without sacrificing performance or breaking the bank.

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Deploy faster

One click installs in the cloud

Peppermint is built to be hosted in a docker container, which can be easily scaled through k8's. In addition to this you can host peppermint through pm2 or even locally with NodeJS

Linode is a great cloud provider that offers the installilation of peppermint through the click of a button.
Hostinger VPS
Hostinger VPS offers peak performance with AMD CPU, and NVMe storage, competitive pricing, automatic backups, and manual snapshots.
Roqitt Hosting
Roqitt Hosting offer lightning fast & secure ssd web hosting. The UK based enterprise offer peppermint through there new one click marketplace.
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